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This treatment aims at stimulating the body’s lymphatic circulation.

The lymph plays a major role in our immune system which in turn is responsible for removing waste and aids the body’s defence. Our lifestyle can have an adverse effect on the body with us being exposed to environmental toxins, processed foods, stress and medication are just a few of the factors that can all be detrimental to our lymphatic system.

A Lymphatic treatment is a very relaxing treatment that is pain free and can be performed on people of all ages and on people who are frail or in recovery from surgery.​

Decongestion Therapies:-  can help with all stages of Oedema and Lympheodema with the application of bandaging or compression garments tailored to your specific requirements.

Benefits are to reduce fluid held in the body and aid for a faster recover from surgery.


Treatment times will vary from 45-90 mins.